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AbouUsThe GAEA Foundation, inc. is a non-stock, non-profit foundation devoted to the proposition:
“that as Mother Earth gives us life and nourishes us, so must we give back to her in return what she needs to do what she does best for future generations. Thus, we are all stewards of this world entrusted with its protection and preservation”.

The GAEA Foundation conducts research and extension activities on the environment, industrial growth and urban sprawl, agriculture, fisheries and rural development for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Province of Laguna and the country as a whole.

Among GAEA Foundation’s primordial directives are the technological innovation and maintenance of beneficial environmental and ecological systems, inclusive of attitude and value formation, resulting in the creation and propagation of an integrated, sustainable and environmentally sound development.

“So remember to treat the Earth well. She was not given to you by your
parents. She was loaned to you by your children.” (old kenyan proverb)

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