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(September 24, 1894 – October 27,1976)
Lawyer, pioneer agro-industrialist, statesman, Jose Yulo was one of the most distinguished and outstanding leaders of the Republic of the Philippines. His public career spanned over half a century and he served no less than five of her Chief Executives in varying capacities. He was often referred to as the “quintessential public servant” firmly believing that public office is a public trust; and the raison d’ etre for public office is devoted service for the Common Weal.

In 1941, Speaker Yulo said, “Public servants must have strength of character to be worthy of emulation by our youth. It is the youth that we must inspire, not with adopted ideas, ready made prescriptions nor clever catch words…the youth must take a new orientation if they must play a part in our political affair and that politics, if it be of any practical value to human society, must be a matter not so much of attitudes, but of convictions; Not so much of tactical calculations but of passion for disinterested public service”.

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